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Employee Testimonials

“I have worked for Bright Start for 6 years as supervisor of physical therapy.  I came to Bright Start because I knew that the agency was passionate about children and their families. The support and commitment of administration for ongoing in-service training and hosting conferences has allowed our staff to grow in their expertise.  I also love how staff from various disciplines share their expertise and collaborate on an ongoing basis so that we as clinicians can have knowledge in all areas of a child's development and do what is best for the children we serve. Children are the heart and soul of Bright Start and that is obvious the minute you enter through the door.”

~Julie - Physical Therapy Supervisor

“Deciding to work for Bright Start was a pretty easy decision,and one I'm glad I made...from the start of my contact with the agency, through the interview process, and throughout my time as a clinician, everyone has been helpful, kind, genuine, and a pleasure to work with.  This job is a great combination of independence and support - I can make my own schedule and work as independently as I want, but also know that my supervisor (not to mention a great team in the office) is there for me whenever I need help.  Bright Start has encouraged me to pursue my own clinical interests and provided ways for me to foster my own clinical growth - something that is very important to me in any job, and for which I'm grateful.”

~Lauren - Speech-Language Pathologist

“I have had a great experience working for Bright Start. My passion has always been in pediatrics and having the opportunity to work with children birth to five has been so rewarding. Being one of the first therapists to enter into the home can be very difficult as the families don’t know what to expect (which is something that I always remember). Working in this kind of environment provides the opportunity to not only teach families how to deal with developmental delays and challenges but to learn from the parents/caregivers about what challenges they face on a daily basis and how they deal with these situations. Due to the young age of these children it is remarkable how fast some gains can be made during therapy. It is great to work closely with families and be able to bring their attention to some of the great parenting and carryover from therapy that they often times miss or don’t give themselves credit for. Working with other Bright Start therapists, especially the Autism (DIR/SCERTS) Team, has helped me to learn more about other disciplines and how to carryover their goals and objectives into my own therapy sessions. We are truly about treating the whole child and family unit in our therapy sessions. Bright Start has been a supportive and motivating workplace from day one. I have been able to work toward my professional goals and continue to grow as a therapist and individual. Bright Start employers are caring and very approachable about any questions or concerns that arise. They reward employees for their hard work and do what they can to keep employees motivated and passionate about their careers. I set high standards for myself and love to attend continuing education courses. Bright Start is very good about working with individual employees to help in any way possible to continually expand and improve the quality of service that is provided.”

~Sheila - Occupational Therapist

“I chose to work and continue to work at Bright Start Pediatric Services for a variety of reasons. It is an environment where suggestions, questions, comments, etc are continuously welcomed and learning is constantly fostered. Those who also work here are willing to offer their knowledge, assist when needed and provide open communication with others. Bright Start frequently provides learning experiences and encourages therapists to challenge themselves to better provide for their clients. The friendly environment makes working at Bright Start Pediatric Services an absolute pleasure.”

~Sophie - Speech-Language Pathologist

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