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Developmental Group

Bright Start offers developmental groups for children ages 18 months to three years. Developmental groups provide attention to each child’s individual needs and encourage all children to become more independent in a safe and nurturing environment.
These groups include children with a wide range of needs, as well as typically developing children.

Each class runs for two hours and has 12 children. Classes are led by a certified special education teacher and a classroom assistant. The class frequently has additional support from other professional staff, including speech, occupational and physical therapists.

Planned, hands-on activities include developing each child’s motor, personal/social, communication and cognitive skills. Our classroom routine consists of free choice time, circle time, fine motor (craft) activities, snack, and gross and sensory motor time. Each class session concludes with parent participation in closing circle activities.

For more information, email Bright Start or call us at (585) 377-2230.