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At Home Activities

Winter Activities: Below are descriptions of some useful activities for you and your children. Use the activity names to view the activities in full.

Finger and Hand Strength : Adequate finger and hand strength is required to grasp and manipulate a variety of toys and tools.  Without the appropriate strength a child may use inefficient grasping patterns, and his/her hand may fatigue if holding an object too tightly. To improve your child's hand strength try some of these fun activities.

Mitten Match: A fun hide and seek activity that incorporates concepts of "same" and "different", the use of prepositions such as on or under, and the matching and naming of colors.

Circle Snowman: A creative arts & crafts activity that incorporates the size concepts of large/big, medium, and small/little.

Mosaic Mitten: An interactive arts & crafts activity that incorporates the naming and differentiation of colors.

Winter Books:

  • The Mitten by: Jan Brett
  • The Snowy Day by: Ezra Jack Keats
  • Froggy Gets Dressed by: Jonathan London
  • Snow by: Ray McKie and P.D. Eastman
  • The Hat by: Jan Brett
  • Just a Snowman by: Mercer Mayer

Things to remember when playing with your child:

  • Always remember to praise all attempts your child makes, whether he is attempting to say a word, understand a new concept, trace or cut out and object, or simply attend for a longer period of time than usual.
  • Know what skills are appropriate for your child's age or developmental level.  You can browse skill checklists by age using the links on our Helpful Information page under Parent Resources.  If an activity is too difficult for a child they will become frustrated rather than having fun.
  • Remember that we need to teach our children before we can expect them to understand a new concept.  This means if we are teaching them the concepts of "big" and "little" we need to show them examples, compare objects of different sizes and tell them which is big and little.